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With heavy hearts...

Good evening Barti fans, I write to you tonight with a heavy heart. I have been starring at this screen for 30 minutes trying to find the best way to start... I'd like to start with, my family is fine and well. My husband, not on duty today, is putting our oldest to bed while the baby has been fast asleep for almost 2 hours. We each gave our boys hugs and kisses and whispered our goodnights. We do this every night (for my husband, that would be any night he is not on duty). I plan to do this...

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Always something new...

With the ever evolving Barti Boutique, we have changed up our website a bit. You may notice navigation is in one area, page loads are quicker, we've brought back the blog, the ability to pay by card immediately instead of waiting for an invoice and a whole new page dedicated to what is to come. This coming year you will see quite a few changes. For the better!We hope you love everything that is to come. With Love, C

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Exciting times.

fun Hide-N-Seek Quill

We got word that we could possibly see Quill the second week of November. Sooner if all goes well!I'm SO excited to get these in hand and start listing them! So, let's shoot for Mid-November?I've decided to 'hide' them all over the site. Pictures can be deceiving. You'll have to read titles and descriptions! I'm hoping this will help with possible oversells and make things a little exciting. Also, it gives everyone a fair chance.   Cross your fingers! Cindy

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Quill - Why the hassle?

exclusive giveaway quill rafflecopter

As the day gets closer for the arrival of Barti Boutiques' very first exclusive (well, not my own, it's a shared exclusive... but you know what I mean) I am itching to start the fun part.My website is new, an infant if you will, and I'd like to let people know that fun things will happen here. That being said, today I'd like to offer the FIRST 'Right to Buy' for Quill. It will run for FOUR days. Get your entries in, share with a friend (or not) and cross your fingers!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

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First Post to Barti Blog


Welcome to Barti Blog!You never know what I will post here; Random thoughts, crazy photos, sneak peaks, contests.... free stuff... I think it would be a good idea to follow!I am so happy with with this new website platform, this will be your main location for products from Barti Boutique.   Love, C

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