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With heavy hearts...

Good evening Barti fans,

I write to you tonight with a heavy heart. I have been starring at this screen for 30 minutes trying to find the best way to start...

I'd like to start with, my family is fine and well. My husband, not on duty today, is putting our oldest to bed while the baby has been fast asleep for almost 2 hours. We each gave our boys hugs and kisses and whispered our goodnights. We do this every night (for my husband, that would be any night he is not on duty). I plan to do this every night for as long as they live under my roof. Once they have moved on to college (if that should be their plan) and families of their own I will still whisper "Goodnight, I love you." They may be miles away, but they will know that I will always whisper this to them. For as long as I live.

Tonight, one of my husbands 'brothers' at the fire department will not be able to do this. Tuesday was the official last day for a retiring Driver Engineer Anderson. As with most retiring on the job, Keiths last shift was covered by one of the family. In the early hours of Wednesday morning, when he would have otherwise been still asleep at the firehouse, Keith found his 23 year old daughter unresponsive in her room.

She had just graduated college and was getting ready to start a new job. A young, smart lady with bright future ahead of her. Gone far too soon. We are not meant to outlive our children.

I know I have a very large following of fellow fire families. With that, I know that you can understand when I say we are truly heartbroken as if it were our own family. Because they are. We are.

We'd like to help our extended family with the unexpected financial burden of laying to rest their beautiful baby girl. We have set up a donate button for our Barti Gives Back fund specifically for the Anderson family. We would like to present the funds to the family Monday October 3rd. Any funds donated after will stay in our BGB account for future charities. 

Or you can donate directly to

Thank you in advance for your donations, thoughts and prayers.

Much love,
Cindy and Zaylon

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  • Heather T on

    I am so sorry for loss of this young life. Sorry I couldn’t help more, financially. God bless!

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